Friday, April 12, 2013

Annie's Pepperoni Pizza Review

So I'm at the grocery store last night.  Just went in to grab a few natural face products.  But I soon realize I have spent way too much time reading ingredients and whatnot on all of the bottles.  Now, I have very little time to figure out what I can give my family for dinner that's quick but still pretty healthy.  We have some picky eaters.  I was about to cave and just get our normal pizza, not knowing what else would satisfy them all on such short notice.  I was pleased to see Annie's pizzas on the shelf at my local Target.  I didn't even know Annie's made pizzas!  My boys are very fond of many of the Annie's Homegrown products, so it's no surprise they loved this pizza!  And, naturally, mommy couldn't resist a slice either.  I had planned on only taking a bite to see what it tasted like, but wow.  It was really, really good.  It tasted like real, fresh, tomato sauce.  The crust was superb as well.  So that was my guilty pleasure for awhile.  I'm still shocked at how great it was.  My sons were happy too because mommy didn't feel so bad for feeding it to them.  I still prefer making our own little pizzas, so we know exactly what went into them, but I would definitely buy Annie's again in the future.

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